We Understand Trade Show Planning Can Be Frustrating and Sometimes A Confusing Process

Allow us to help you come up with the best solution

Do I want to rent or do I want to buy?

Everybody likes options!

We understand that you might work at a company that:

  • Exhibits at numerous trade shows each year with a variety of booth sizes.

  • Attends tradeshows just a couple times of year.

  • Has the time and budget to create a custom build or purchase an exhibit.

  • Has business goals that align with renting an exhibit.

The Rent vs Buy Guide

Review the top three benefits below to decide if  you need to rent or buy a trade show display? Then browse the most popular trade show display options and schedule a discovery call with a Tradeshow Expert.

The Top 3


No storage OR maintenance fees.

Well suited for the new or infrequent exhibitor- try it before you buy it!

Design Versatility: have a new look at each show.

The Top 3


Your exhibit is always ready and available to ship.

A great, long term investment for businesses that exhibit at numerous shows a year.

Customized Design: accommodate specific product and marketing requirements.

The bottom line is that we want you to do what make sense for your company and will work hard to make that decision result in success. After all, our dedication to customer service is what sets us apart.

NOTE: Regardless of what is best for you and your company virtually ALL of SouthStar Exhibits displays/designs can either be for rent or for purchase. 

Please visit with your CPA for possible tax benefits for either option

Three Simple Ways To Get An Exhibit That Sets you Apart