Trade Show Exhibits Houston tx

Contact our team from Southstar Exhibits about affordable trade show exhibits in Houston, TX for this year’s expo. If you need a new look for an upcoming show, we can custom design and create an attractive booth and display items that will turn heads and result in more leads than ever before. If you wonder why other show booths are always the center of attention while attendees seem to pass your booth by with no interest, we can change that forever. Our displays improve your presence at trade shows and our add-on services eliminate the hassle of setting up, tearing down, transporting, and storing your presentations.

How Can a New Trade Show display Help With Sales?

At Southstar Exhibits, we work with clients from all business sectors, including industries that are typically thought of as dull or uninteresting. One of the most commonly asked questions we hear is from clients who wonder how a new trade show exhibit will help generate interest in products that are less-than-exciting. We invite you to take a look at our portfolio found on the Southstar Exhibits website to see what we can do for your expo this year. Our exhibits improve your show presence in the following ways:

  • Professional displays give your business a more professional look
  • Dynamic exhibits create a buzz around your booth
  • Infographics increase brand recognition
  • Interactive displays draw attendees in from the aisles

How Much Will a New Trade Show Display Cost?

A better question to ask is, how much return will you experience from your investment? If you’re worried about start-up costs, Southstar Exhibits rents trade show exhibits in Houston, TX, offering businesses a second option that is both cost-effective and convenient. We invite you to schedule a discovery call with our team to assess your goals and help you determine the most affordable way to get the word out this next expo. You have the added option of renting year-by-year or buying an exhibit if you like the results you see from using our displays.

Choose Infinity Displays For Convenience

We custom design and manufacture Infinity tension fabric walls and panels that can be used as stand-alone displays or combined to create custom show booths. Infinity systems are engineered for exceptional portability, quick set-up with no tools required, and dynamic visual impact. Add lighting, monitors, and additional products for a one-of-a-kind look during this year’s trade show.

Modular Islands and Inlines

Our experts from Southstar Exhibits can take your company’s logo, message, and mission statement and run with it for maximum eye-appeal, creating some of the best trade show exhibits in Houston, TX. Feel free to browse our online resources to see what we can do for your company this upcoming expo. If you have questions, our design team is just a phone call away. We can seamlessly manage every aspect of this year’s trade show so you’ll have more success than ever. Check out the FAQ page for fresh ideas.

Trade Show Exhibits Houston tx

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Trade Show Exhibits Houston tx

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