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Find up-to-date forms created by lawyers for all 50 states. Paid annually and billed, but the forms still ask for payment, and when I try to pay for troubleshooting for troubleshooting, it says I`ve already paid for it. Request a refund. Some websites sell documents that you can get for free elsewhere. For example, online legal sites offer many forms to small business owners to help them form an LLC, S-Corp, or other business unit, but in most cases, it makes little sense to pay for them because your local government or small business administration often offers these forms for free. (However, you still pay the registration fee.) Consumers can quite easily find themselves in an expensive mess by using online forms without the advice of a lawyer, experts say. While a standard online will may be suitable for someone who has few heirs or assets, a more complicated situation can cause problems, for example. We offer a web platform with general legal information with the possibility, thanks to automated software, for users, to prepare and generate their own forms. While we may review your answers to questions for completeness, spelling or inconsistencies, we do not provide legal advice or verify legal sufficiency, legal applicability or suitability for certain legal functions. We are not a law firm and cannot and do not want to provide legal advice. The use of our service is not a substitute for professional legal advice. On the one hand, the services offer compelling value.

However, some experts say that using them could cost you money later, be ineffective in fulfilling your legal obligations, and in some cases even cause problems in court. Although the Website contains general information on legal and tax matters, there is no professional relationship between you or your clients and us. The information is intended for general knowledge and is not specifically tailored to the professional advice of a particular person. Customize, sign, download and print your legal document in minutes. “These sites are legitimately cheaper,” said Jeremy Gin, a spokesman for online business review site SiteJabber, which reviews online businesses. This is a major selling point for many consumers: a typical buyer of legal services earns about $25 an hour, according to a recent article in the Law Review, and many lawyers charge at least five times as much. Rocket Lawyer notes that it offers “thousands” of free legal documents and that its services offer “exceptional value.” Nolo notes that many free forms “don`t include the bespoke supplies that owners need or don`t let users decide how they want to set things up.” If, for any reason, you come into conflict with an online law firm, including a document that did not serve the purpose you envisioned, you may be prohibited from bringing it before a jury. Excellent customer service, the help I needed was perfectly explained to me and I am happy to still be legal at 360! I will definitely recommend it to family and friends, especially people who are starting a nonprofit like us. Questions regarding the Terms of Use should be sent to support@360legalforms.com.

360 Legal Forms is one of the most comprehensive websites for getting legal documents I`ve seen. In addition, the instructions were easy to follow and it is always of great help. I highly recommend the site! Online divorce documents can also cause problems, says Robin Graine, the divorce mediator based in Fairfax, Virginia. “If absolutely nothing is controversial, no children, no nominal assets and no child or spousal support, I don`t think online forms are the worst,” she said. But “most cases are not like that.” The Services include online tools and information to help you prepare, execute, and store your own documents and related information. We strive to keep the document and information up to date; However, this website may contain certain historical information and not legal advice. Historical information is not necessarily up-to-date and is provided for informational purposes only. We reserve the right to change the content of this website at any time, but we have no obligation to update the information on our website. The law may change or vary depending on the jurisdiction and may be subject to conflicting interpretations. Therefore, automated document services cannot adapt perfectly to all situations. We do not review the documents or information you provide for accuracy or legal sufficiency. We do not draw any legal conclusions or advice and do not apply the law to facts based on the answers you give us.

By purchasing or subscribing to the Services, we grant you a limited, personal, non-exclusive, non-transferable license to use our forms for your personal and internal business use or, if you are ordering on behalf of another, for your customer. Unless the individual form is authorized for your own use, you agree not to modify, edit, copy, reproduce, create derivative works from, reverse engineer, modify, improve or otherwise exploit any of the forms. You further agree not to remove copyright notices or other watermarks from forms. Because the Forms may only be used for your personal or professional use or for those you represent in a professional capacity, you may not sell, resell or redistribute the Forms. You acknowledge that your use of the Services is neither legal advice nor legal practice and that the Services are not tailored to your specific needs. If you believe you are receiving legal advice through this website, you must stop using it immediately. The online trade in legal documents is booming as consumers have found that they can get everything from a will to a lease to a divorce for a fraction of the cost of visiting a lawyer.